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(The Dream Planner)



More than just the CEO of INDNGRL
Entertainment, she is a nurturing mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and definitely a true
friend.  She uses her time wisely and generously
by helping others reach their goals in life while
also learning and teaching herself new lessons
to improve her own reality.  Having worked
since the age of ten, this dynamic woman
knows the struggle and what working for what
you want out of life really means.  

Now at the ripe age of wisdom being reborn,
she is demonstrating to the world an
integration of her talents and networking
abilities by successfully building a business that
incorporates all aspects of planning, promoting and marketing in the entertainment industry.


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CEO-Creative Events Organizer
at a themed Barbie Birthday Party





We are licensed and fully insured in Georgia, California, SC, NC, TN. We have a staff of degreed, certified and talented people.

We offer: Event Planning, Day of Coordination, Event Decorator, Bartenders, Waitstaff, Caterers, Entertainers, DJs, Bands, Make up Artist, Hairstylist and Rentals in Metro Atlanta.

Day of Coordinator,  Bartenders and Waitstaff in the DMV, CHARLOTTE, SAVANNAH, TAMPA, LAS VEGAS
We've created relationships with Venues around the U.S. for any type or sized event.

Our customers don't lie , please check our reviews.

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