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Dream Girls

What Service Do our DREAM GIRLS provide?

-Hostess ...What a great way to introduce our Sexy Staff by having them greet your guest at the door and assist with games!

-Bartender... Able to mix up cocktails with a garnish of Sexy

-Cocktail Waitress.... They can pass out premixed cocktails and appetizers to your guest

-Cigar Girl... Clip, Pass out and Light some of our Premium Cigars to your guest!

- Go-Go Dancers... Set the stage for a night of dancing with our Sexy Go-Go Dancers

-Exotic Dancers.. Our talent are great at Bachelor Parties and other events for the Mature Crowd!

No Touchy POLICY: Our DREAM GIRLS are there to enhance your party and will be very involved but we have a strict No Touch Policy.. Enjoy them but be respectful at all time!!

Which Dream Girl is Right for Your event?

Hostess min $175 for 4 hrs, $35 add'l hr

Cocktail Waitress $175 for 4 hrs, $35 add'l hr

Bartender $200 for 4 hrs, $40 add'l hr

Cigar Girl $500 for 4 hrs, includes 25 premium Cigars

Go-Go Dancers $300 for 4 hrs

Exotic Dancers $300 for 2 hrs

All of our Dream Girls accept tips for there wonderful personalities (wink)

We always send 2 staff member to each event and price is for minimum of 4 hrs for the team and add'l time is per staff member.

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