Dream Girls

What Service Do our DREAM GIRLS provide?

-Hostess ...What a great way to introduce our Sexy Staff by having them greet your guest at the door and assist with games!

-Bartender... Able to mix up cocktails with a garnish of Sexy

-Cocktail Waitress.... They can pass out premixed cocktails and appetizers to your guest

-Cigar Girl... Clip, Pass out and Light some of our Premium Cigars to your guest!

- Go-Go Dancers... Set the stage for a night of dancing with our Sexy Go-Go Dancers

-Exotic Dancers.. Our talent are great at Bachelor Parties and other events for the Mature Crowd!

No Touchy POLICY: Our DREAM GIRLS are there to enhance your party and will be very involved but we have a strict No Touch Policy.. Enjoy them but be respectful at all time!!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Which Dream Girl is Right for Your event?

Hostess min $175 for 4 hrs, $35 add'l hr

Cocktail Waitress $175 for 4 hrs, $35 add'l hr

Bartender $200 for 4 hrs, $40 add'l hr

Cigar Girl $500 for 4 hrs, includes 25 premium Cigars

Go-Go Dancers $300 for 4 hrs

Exotic Dancers $300 for 2 hrs

All of our Dream Girls accept tips for there wonderful personalities (wink)

We always send 2 staff member to each event and price is for minimum of 4 hrs for the team and add'l time is per staff member.